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Shedding Light on the Dark Ages of Pitching

By Douglas Wright Thursday, Sep 22, 2016 In Mounds, News

The baseball community reveres the past as much as the present as evidenced by the flood of throwback jerseys, cracker jacks and the adoration of Fenway Park and Wrigley Field. A look beyond the field reveals a similar phenomenon as it relates to portable pitching mounds. Yes, those rubber or plastic contraptions that are never the right height, length or slope and invariably lead to twisted ankles and broken dreams. While that description may be a little exagerrated, the traditional portable mound has failed to at two things; properly training the player and providing a professional game mound experience. It’s not for a lack of trying though. There’s the 2×4 with moldy stapled carpet on top, the two piece rubber version that looks slicker than a hot fudge sundae and the preppy looking turf model that just begs you to tear into it with spikes. But perhaps like instant replay, saber metrics and the 98mph setup man, the winds of change of the pro game maybe be blowing into the amateur ranks.

A few years back, a baseball enthusiast and inventor partnered with some professional coaches to create a product that the baseball world has been craving since Honus Wagner played. Yes, they finally cracked the pitching mound code and developed a product that was the exact height of a professional mound. A product that has the exact slope of a professional mound. And, for the first time ever, a portable mound that uses real pitching clay! Yes, you can break out those metal spikes. Now, this breakthrough product didn’t happen overnight and is not your father’s portable mound. Dozens of iterations and prototypes over a three year period and constant feedback from our professional coaches paved the way for the first RFP (Real Feel Pitching) Mound. The mound was such a hit, that Terry Francona decided to become an investor and spokesperson and today our mounds are featured at high schools, colleges and training facilities.

That first mound was the precursor to youth, bullpen and game mounds and every day, we still hear someone say, “I’ve been waiting 20 years for someone to invent this!” So, shed some light on your pitching program and enjoy the present, because the perfect pitching mound is finally available. Learn more at or call us anytime at 480.382.7778.

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