Bernhard Langer & Athalonz

Bernhard Langer is a two-time Masters champion and was the sport's first official Number One ranked player. He is one of five golfers who have won professional golf events on all six continents where golf is played and has victories on all the premiere tours. He has a reputation for being meticulous about his equipment, so when Bernhard switched his shoes from adidas to upstart Athalonz, the golf world paid attention. Featuring a patented, science-driven design that improves power and control, Langer felt the difference immediately when first trying the Athalonz EnVe.
“I love the quality, comfort, aesthetics, and most of all the functionality of the Athalonz shoes. From the ground up,” said Bernhard.

Since switching to Athalonz, Langer's game has reached a new level. Not only has he led the Champions Tour Schwab Cup Money List, he also leads the tour in top 10 finishes.

Athalonz CEO Tim Markison was excited to get yet another affirmation from a top pro golfer.

“Once again, the performance gains our patented technology provides has been validated not only in the lab, but by the choice of a champion”, said Markison.

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