RFP Mounds

Pro & Youth sizes

The best of both worlds!

Uses pitching mould clay so it feels just like a real mound

Modular design makes it more portable than conventional portable mounds

Real. Feel. Portable. (RFP) Mounds

Two people can setup a mound core in about 60 seconds

The mound matters

Why? Because pitching is a very precise athletic movement: For an 80 mph fastball, a 5/8 inch difference in release point is the difference between the top of the zone and the bottom of the zone. Variances, from mound to mound, in the height, slope, and/or maintenance (e.g., holes) will cause a pitcher to compensate his pitching mechanics far more than 5/8 of an inch.  When a pitcher continually adjusts his pitching mechanics due to varying mound conditions, his risk of suffering an arm injury dramatically increases!

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