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Athalonz purpose is to help people have happy, healthy, and safe lives by Empowering Power

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Athalonz EnVe Golf Shoe - Lateral View
Athalonz EnVe Golf Shoe - Medial View
Athalonz EnVe Golf Shoe - Sole View Close-Up
Athalonz EnVe Golf Shoe - Sole View

Athalonz EnVe Golf Shoes

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Athalonz Shoes

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Athalonz Shoes

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Sports are primarily studied from a kinematic viewpoint; which is the study of motion of a body without regard to the forces that put the body in motion.

We took a step back.  We study the forces that put the body in motion and the body in motion.  The more we know about the force, the more we can use them to an athlete’s advantage.

That is the premise behind our mounds and our shoes.

Performance Tips

We at Athalonz want you to perform your best in our equipment. That's why we provide monthly blog posts and tutorial videos with tips on how to best utilize your Athalonz shoes and improve your game.

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Founder's Message

More than just a CEO and Founder, Tim Markison wants to empower you to maximize your own power for yourself and to help others. Together we can make a powerful difference in the world.

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Empowering Your Power

We each have the potential to be anything we want and to have anything we want.  Empowering Your Power is about lifting ourselves up at the same as time as letting go of thoughts and things that are holding us back.  It's about unlocking the true and best version of ourselves.

Giving Back, It's Personal

As a victim of child abuse and overcoming the dehumanizing effects that it inflicted on me, I have to help others.  IT IS VERY PERSONAL.

As such, we at Athalonz, are helping on many levels.  To begin, we are donating 5% of our profits to organizations that work to prevent child abuse. We are proudly working with the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation.

In addition, we're initiating a "shoe repurposing program" working with Soles4Souls.

Social Shifts

We promote social shifts by speaking out for change.  Without change, child abuse will continue.  For child abuse to end, victims need to heal themselves so they don't pass it on.