What makes the Athalonz EnVe different from other golf shoes? 

The Athalonz EnVe uses patented technology to create gradients in the shoe that shift the way the body engages the ground. This increases ground reaction force and improves stability, control and power, as well as decreasing sway and energy loss. Note that the technology is permanently built into the non-removable midsole of the shoe, not the removable insole. 

What about sizing?

Like most athletic shoes, they tend to run about 1/2 size small. They’re available in a medium (D) width. However, the unique design will typically accommodate a wider foot (1/2 size larger suggested). The EnVe is unisex sized. Subtract 1 1/2 from a traditional women’s size to get the unisex size.  

How much do they weigh?

11 ounces (men’s 9)

Will they work for left-handed players?


Are they waterproof?

Reasonably so (they’re “dew-proof”). Not recommended for underwater play.

Can I wear them for 18 holes of golf?

Of course! Just break them in gradually to allow your leg muscles to adapt to the new, more powerful position - like you’d do with any new piece of athletic equipment.

Are they USGA legal?


What’s the optional insole kit about? 

The kit contains 2 unique sets of proprietary insoles that allow the player to individually tune the EnVe golf shoes for optimal performance.

  • The +3 OAP: This insole increases the slope, resulting in a highly aggressive, more powerful position.
  • The -4 OAP: This insole decreases the slope, resulting in a position that maximizes comfort.

Exchange/Return policy?

We pay shipping both ways for a Domestic exchange. Customers are responsible for shipping for a return.

      • US Territories & International- Customers are responsible for shipping for Exchanges and/or Returns.
    • All Athalonz Warehouse Deal inventory is Final Sale


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