Athalonz has developed patented sports footwear technology to immediately help golfers improve athletic performance with more driving distance and better accuracy with a design to add more stability to your swing. 

At Athalonz, we discovered a gap in the science of footwear; the gap is between life sciences and physical sciences and it limits athletic performance.  To fill this gap, we created and patented our EnVe™ Technology that directs, within footwear, more force towards the body. With more force directed towards the body, athletic performance (e.g., more control, more power, more stable, less wear & tear on the body) is immediately and permanently improved.  The principals of the Athalonz EnVe™ Technology lie in physics.  It works for everyone and it works immediately: That’s why professional athletes are wearing Athalonz.

Shoes are part of your equipment in golf. 

Golfers spend billions on golf clubs, golf balls, tees, gloves and other training aids – but the shoes are just as important as anything else when it comes to the swing. Our patented technology specifically addresses how the shoes immediately improve performance.

We are changing the athletic world through one pair of shoes at a time. Give us a swing.


Meet Tim Markison 

Our CEO and Founder Tim Markison is the country’s leading patent business technologist having generated billions of dollars’ worth of patented inventions.  Tim is the only person in the country to be an inventor on more than 325 issued patents and to have drafted more than 3,000 patents. He has used his unparalleled technical and patent expertise to develop and patent Athalonz EnVe™ Technology. But Tim is not your typical CEO.  Despite his success as an attorney and business leader, he is a passionate entrepreneur, an energized recreational cyclist, a dedicated husband, an amazing father and a proud grandfather.

Learn more about Tim and his cross-country bike ride to raise awareness for child abuse at www.CycleToEndAbuse.com.