G-Force 2 Turf Shoes (PREORDER) (White)

$94.95 USD

G-Force 2 Turf Shoes - White (PREORDER) G-Force 2 Turf Shoes - White (PREORDER) G-Force 2 Turf Shoes - White (PREORDER)
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PRE-ORDERS AVAILABLE NOW! Estimated ship date: Jan 31, 2018

The next evolution in turf shoes is almost here... Introducing the G-Force 2s!   

Experience a whole new level of Optimal Athletic Positioning (OAP) with the GF2. The G-Force 2 turf shoes will help you play at your absolute best, in comfort, and with fewer aches and pains.  

Like all our shoes, these new GF2 turf shoes are built on our Athalonz core of Foundation, Alignment and Performance: 

  • Foundation - To Help You Maximize Your Ground Reaction Force 

  • Alignment - THelp You Improve Your Kinetic Chain Efficiency 

  • Performance - By Reducing Stress On Your Feet, Ankles, Knees, Hips, and/or Lower Back So You Can Play At A High Level Longer With Less Pain