G-Force Turf - Red (Red and Grey)

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G-Force Turf - Red G-Force Turf - Red G-Force Turf - Red G-Force Turf - Red G-Force Turf - Red
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Whether You Play Softball Or Baseball, Our G-Force Turf Shoes Are Equally Suited To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Game.  The Turf Shoes Include Our Patented Optimal Athletic Positioning (OAP) Technology That Will:

  • Help You Maximize Your Ground Reaction Force
  • Help You Improve Your Kinetic Chain Efficiency
  • Likely Reduce Stress On Your Feet, Ankles, Knees, Hips, and/or Lower Back So You Can Play Longer With Less Pain

In additional to the insoles that come in the shoes, we've included two (2) extra pairs of insoles so that you can customize your OAP.  The first extra pair of insoles increases your OAP by 1.5 mm and the second extra pair increases your OAP by 3.0 mm. 

Weight: 12 oz

U.S. Patents: 8,938,893; 8,631,592; 8,707,586; & 9,295,300