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The mission of Athalonz is to have a positive impact on the world.  This is not a goal with a measurable endpoint, but an everyday commitment to incrementally making the world a better place.  We strive to have a positive impact by creating athletic products that help people enjoy life a bit more; by conducting ourselves with honor and integrity; by being truthful in our marketing; and by being an advocate for the prevention of child abuse. 

We design our products knowing that our play effects our mood.  We’ve experienced firsthand that, when we play well, the world’s a little brighter; food tastes a bit better; we’re a tad more patient in traffic, and so on.  In short, life’s a bit better.  That’s why we like to say, “Better play equals a better day”. 

Saying it, however, doesn’t make it so.  We have to make products that really help improve athletic performance and not just for a few athletes, but for any athlete.  This is where physics comes in.  We use the laws of physics in our golf shoes to change the force transfer through the shoes to shift ground reaction force towards the body, which allows for more stability, power, and control. 

Since this is based on the laws of physics, I can say with 100% certainty that changing the force transfer through the shoes shifts the ground reaction force towards the body.  How much the shift helps with stability, power, and control will vary from athlete to athlete, but it will help.  If you would like more information on the physics, please read some of my other blogs.  Also, I’m currently working on a series of blogs regarding the trustworthiness of science, which explains why I can make the above statement with 100% certainty.  Stay tuned.

Another element of Athalonz mission is to conduct its business, its interaction with others, and its advertising with honor, integrity, and truthfulness.  To me, the norm in advertising seems to be stretching the truth until it’s on the verge of breaking and sensationalizing the ordinary.  We will not do that.  We will only makes statements in advertisements, or elsewhere, that we can substantiate with data and/or evidence.  If we use an opinion, we’ll make it clear that it’s an opinion and who is offering it.

The final element of Athalonz mission is to be an advocate in preventing child abuse.  When I started dealing with issues from being a victim of child sexual abuse in 1990, it was estimated that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men were sexually assaulted as children.  Today, the estimates are about the same.  If these estimates are true, then we haven’t made any noticeable progress in 30 years.  This is the motivation for my ultimate objective for Athalonz, which is to become a household name so that, every time hear the name Athalonz is heard, one cannot help but think “Prevent Child Abuse”.  My hope is that this raises the social consciousness and leads to some real change in preventing child abuse.  

About Me: 

I am the CEO and Founder of Athalonz, LLC., I am a founding partner of the patent boutique law firm of Garlick & Markison, I am a survivor of child abuse, and I am an inventor on over 300 patents.

About Athalonz:

Athalonz is a technology company based in Mesa, AZ.  It develops and sells athletic footwear, which incorporates its patented technology that leverages the laws of physics to improve athletic performance.  Website:

About G&M:

Garlick & Markison is a patent law boutique firm that assists clients in building a patent business within their business using proprietary tools and techniques.  Website:

Athalonz Supports the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation

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  • Chris G

    Love the mission and the things this company stands for as well as the product offering!

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