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Our logo is an adaption of an ancient Celtic symbol of three interwoven ellipses that represent the connectivity of mind, body, and spirit.  For me, the body is our physical being that embodies our five senses and enables us to act; the mind is our thought processing center that functions in the moment to trigger action; and the spirit is our belief systems with respect to our place in the universe, our relationship with a higher power, our relationship with others, our relationship ourselves, etc. that influences our thought processes. 

The combination of mind, body, and spirit can create positive spirals or negative spirals.  As an example of a negative spiral, my belief systems include that I am not very good at accurately driving a golf ball.  When I’m on a hole that requires an accurate drive, my mind plays out a scenario of a bad drive.  This mental state causes tension in my body, which adversely affects my golf swing and, most likely, I hit a bad drive.  This reaffirms my belief that I’m not very good.

As an example of a positive spiral, my belief systems include that I’ll do my best when driving a golf ball. Then, when I’m on the hole requiring an accurate drive, my mind envisions me doing my best, which causes my body to relax.  When I take my swing, my body is relaxed and I put a good swing on the ball.  While the drive may not go exactly where I wanted it to, I still hit it well, which reaffirms my belief that I’ll do my best. 

Our logo is intended to remind us that we are each a combination of our mind, body, and spirit and all three effect how we play and, for that matter, how we live.  It’s also intended to encourage us to gravitate towards positive spirals and to mitigate negative ones. 

About Me: 

I am the CEO and Founder of Athalonz, LLC., I am a founding partner of the patent boutique law firm of Garlick & Markison, I am a survivor of child abuse, and I am an inventor on over 300 patents.

About Athalonz:

Athalonz is a technology company based on Mesa, AZ.  It develops and sells athletic footwear, which incorporates its patented technology that leverages the laws of physics to improve athletic performance.  Website:

About G&M:

Garlick & Markison is a patent law boutique firm that assists clients in building a patent business within their business using proprietary tools and techniques.  Website:

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  • Scott Kefalas

    Love the focus on the positive spirals and mitigation of the negative spirals to help facilitate the cohesion of mind, body and spirit on the course, and in life.

  • Chris

    Gotta have that positive spiral in life as well as in golf! Awesome page!

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